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The client had been using their old site for ages. It didn’t have a CMS, it was nearly impossible to use on a mobile device, and it was over-crowded with informational marketing collateral that had been added to it over the years.

The biggest design challenge was to reorganize the large volume of content that cluttered the old site into a modern, clean, full-width, responsive design. My first task was researching examples of content heavy sites for ideas and working closely with the client on the informational architecture.

After getting client approval on the approved mockups I closely collaborated with the developer to create a custom WordPress theme that would uniquely incorporate video and text materials into the visual design.

Bold custom design elements and icons were used to guide the hierarchy and focus.

I also advised (and eventually convinced) the client to allow me to do a branding refresh. I pushed the colour scheme in a more vibrant direction, and polished up their logo by removing extraneous aspects (like their motto and drop shadows) which muddled its impact.


Venture Coaching International has specialized in business, leadership, and executive coaching since 2003.