Red Thread Brewing Co.

Velvet Rope Productions — a brand strategy & design agency — commissioned me to create a logo for a Greater Toronto Area-focused craft brewery.

“Red Thread” comes from Asian mythology. Paraphrasing from Wikipedia; fate is an invisible red thread which binds people together.

To the client it seemed to represent a broader encompassing concept. In Red Thread Brewing Co.’s own words:

Red Thread is all about creating connections to the people and places you love. We encourage you to get out and seek new experiences; follow your thread and surround yourself with those you love to be with.

After initial research and discovery — with a focus on local craft brewers — I played with a ton of quick sketches. I shared the most constructive samples with the clients, and in consulting closely with them we started veering in a direction that lead us to a design that resembled a bottle cap patch.

It was practical because the patch could use red thread stitching, but also the semiotics of a patch communicates sports and camping. Basically, a patch automatically means taking off your tie, going outside, and enjoying life with people — which is the essence of the brand Red Thread wanted to craft.