LINK Search Group

  • Logo Refresh
  • Branding Update
  • Website


The client wanted a new “corporate” looking site to present to larger-scale clients. They also wanted to feature job listings and allow job candidates a way to upload their resume.

I recommended a brand refresh, but the client didn’t want to deviate far from the logo they were using, particularly the celtic knot inspired graphic. I believed we could keep it close to the original, but tweaked to increase its versatility, scalability, and attractiveness.

Pill Gothic is a condensed typeface that felt similar to the original logo, but its shapes harmonized better with the graphic. I also removed the extra font and simplified the underline.

Next I played with the shapes of the original graphic — from  more detailed skeuomorphic renderings I kept tweaking and simplifying the design to flat and minimal version they now use.

Given the website’s criteria and budget we decided to customize a premium WordPress theme rather than create one from scratch. I styled the site using the new brand guidelines I established. I also worked with a developer to create a simple Job Post feature that would integrate perfectly with front and back end of this theme.


Link Search Group is a boutique employment recruitment agency, founded in 2014.